Every story deserves quality storytelling. 

My job is to bring visions to life for my clients. Whether that client is an agency overseeing a large scale branding campaign, or a non-profit looking to showcase a special program, it is my belief that they should all be approached in the same manner, and with the same regard for the story at hand, be it 30 seconds or 30 minutes. 

I've been a freelance Director of Photography, camera operator and editor since January 2013. My work has ranged from documentaries and broadcast campaigns, to web branding and non-profit pieces. I am always looking to find what makes a story or circumstance unique, and translate that quality through a lens and a camera. Because while story is of course paramount, I truly believe that if you pair it with intimate visuals, that the piece becomes something much more. You go from having a video, to having a film. And above all, that is the product I strive to deliver to my clients and collaborators.